What is Burger King 5 for $4 Deal? Special on 5 for $4 Menu

Burger King 5 for $4: Burger King is back with their best deal ever – 5 for 4. Now you will get the chance again to jump into a plate of wholemeal paying only 4 dollars.

One of the most popular burger chains in the country is giving away 5 delicious items for just $4.

It is perfect if you want to give a treat to your friends but your budget is limited or if you are craving a good plate of snacks, both tasty and filling, but you are left with just a few pence in your pocket.

Burger King is ready to meet your need with their fresh 5 for $4 offer.

Burger King 5 for $4

In this article, we will be giving you detailed information about this fabulous offer.

Please continue reading if you want to know more about the food items, flavors, quantity, customer review, etc. You can make your mind to order one 5 for $4, next time you visit the Burger King.

Burger King 5 for $4 Menu

This offer includes 5 items including a drink to complement everything. It is like a full course meal in just 4 dollars.

The appetizers are a combination of a burger, a value-sized pack of French fries, 4 pieces of chicken nuggets, and a chocolate chip cookie.

The beverage includes a soft drink of your choice, weighing 16oz. And another good news is that Burger King has incorporated three new flavors in the burger section –

  • Bacon Cheeseburger-  Strips of fried bacon, mayonnaise, a slice of American Cheese, regular ground beef patty, pickled veggies.
  • Double Cheeseburger – Buns, pickled veggies, mayonnaise, double American cheese slice, and a regular meat patty
  • Cheeseburger – It has buns, some pickled veggies, a slice of American cheese mayonnaise, and a regular meat patty.
  • Value Chicken Jr. – The burger contains buns, fresh lettuce, a crispy and juicy chicken patty, and some mayo and sauce.

You have to choose anyone from the above options. Previously it was only one type of burger, the Bacon Cheeseburger. But now you can choose your burger according to your taste.

Soft Drinks

In the soft drink section, you can choose from Pepsi or Coke. It complements the dry snack items and completes the meal.

Some of the Burger King outlets keep a larger range of options in the drink sections and some of them are restricted to just one choice. The options depend on the outlet you choose to go to.

The Chicken Nuggets are nice and crispy from the outside and tender and juicy from the inside. It has a perfect golden-brown color. The nuggets are of a standard size.

The French fries are the regular ones that you often get with your Burger King burgers. They are made with fresh potatoes and perfect seasoning.

The chocolate chip cookie is also of a regular size. It has a good number of chocolate chips. And the texture of the biscuit is well-baked and crispy.


This offer was very popular among the customers that Burger King decided to bring it back. The customer review is up to the mark.

People are rushing for this offer as it saves their wallet and at the same time, they can have a plate of filling quality snacks with a glass of freshening soft drink.

We hope, after reading this article you are going to order you 5 for $4 next time you go to the nearest Burger King.

The menu and the options that we have mentioned here vary from outlet to outlet. So you can visit the official website of Burger King and type out your location.

They will provide you with the required information. The participating Burger King outlets only have this offer.