What are the Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour? Special Menu

Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour is dedicated to thousands of cheesecake lovers in the United States.

The Cheesecake Factory has attained global recognition for its cheesecakes and other baked goods, over the years.

Adding to its already gained reputation, it has introduced the Cheesecake Factory happy hour menu which also features Cheesecake Factory drink specials, making it a complete bomb menu.

Cheesecake Factory happy hour

In this article, we shall thrive on the details of this very special Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour.

What is The Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour?

The Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour menu debuted as an online service. This is primarily for pickup and curbside customers.

Soon enough the Cheesecake Factory Aventura happy hour featured the new happy hour special menu. The other branches such as Cheesecake Factory Miami fl and many others started featuring the happy hour menu.

If you are too lazy to walk out of the house for having afternoon snacks, Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour is the right solution for you.

You can enjoy yummy, lip-smacking cheesecakes and other baked items at your home at reasonable prices.

Not just these, but the Cheesecake Factory happy hour also features a bunch of specials such as burgers, eggrolls, nachos, and much more.

To find out the details of the items available in the Cheesecake Factory happy hour menu, we suggest you go through the list in the following section.

Cheesecake Happy Hour Menu

The items included in the cheesecake factory Happy Hour menu are suitable to be consumed as a part of afternoon snacks or late lunch.

Here is a list to guide you through the items in the menu along with their prices and a little description of the item itself: –

  1. The first list of items forms a part of a full-size appetizer and each of the items costs $7.50.
    • Happy Hour Burger- the Happy Hour burger from the cheesecake factory is the center of attraction of the entire menu. This burger is made using double patties, double cheese, along with grilled onions, and a special kind of sauce – all of which is toasted on a brioche bun.
    • Avocado Eggrolls – this item to forms an integral part of the entire menu. Made out of avocado, red onion, dried tomato, and cilantro; the egg rolls are served with a dipping sauce which is made of tamarind cashew.
    • Roadside Sliders- served with grilled onions comic ketchup and pickles, these are mini-sized burgers that are made using small buns which require small bites.
    • Tex Mex Eggrolls – this is yet another kind of egg roll that features spicy chicken, black beans, peppers, and melted cheese. This egg roll is served with Salsa and avocado cream.
    • Chicken potstickers – this is an item that can be considered classic and traditional as it is served with soy-ginger sesame sauce. The chicken potstickers are Asian dumplings that are Pan-fried.
    • Factory nachos – This features crispy tortilla chips. Covered with melted cheese, red chili sauce sound cream, green onions, and Salsa, these form a perfect snack item.
    • Buffalo Blasts – these are crispy chicken pieces stuffed with cheese and spicy buffalo sauce in a spiced wrapper. The buffalo plus are served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.
    • Hot Spinach & Cheese Dip – this is a perfect match for tortilla chips and salsa.
    • Pretzel bites with cheddar cheese fondue – this is a soft-baked item that is served with whole grain mustard and cheddar cheese sauce.
  1. Apart from the appetizers which come for $7.50, the cheesecake factory Happy Hour menu also features cheesecake factory drink specials.
    • “Mix and match” six-packs of beer which comes for $12.95.
    • Bottle of the cheesecake factory private reserve house wiring which comes for $15

When can I avail the Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour Menu?

The cheesecake factory Happy Hour can be availed on any of the weekdays that is from Monday to Friday.

However, the Happy Hour menu is available for a limited time of the day that is between 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. this is because the aim of the cheesecake factory Happy Hour menu is to suffice one with proper late afternoon lunch or early evening snack items.

How to order from the Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour Menu?

  1. One can go ahead and search for Cheesecake factory Aventura happy hour, Cheesecake factory happy hour Seattle or Cheesecake factory happy hour Orlando.
  2. However, this is quite time-consuming. To place an order and to know whether the particular items are available at particular locations, one has to follow the official website of the cheesecake factory.
  3. Customers can place their order at order.thecheesecakefactory.com.

The link to the official website is www.TheCheesecakeFactory.com. One can browse for more locations and also for the alternative menu.


Cheesecake Factory has a lot to offer. The fine quality of its food and the well-maintained service is to be appreciated.

Hence, whenever you are hungry between 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm, do not hesitate to place an order and enjoy your food, sitting in your living room with your family.