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KFC is a nice place to order some of the most decent chicken menus out there at a fairly low price. Here we have provided the Yummy KFC Sandwich Menu with Calories.

Check out the all Popular KFC Sandwich varieties Crispy Colonel, Smoky Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold Sandwiches.

KFC Sandwich Menu

KFC Sandwich Menu with Calories

KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich 460 Calories 37 grams 25 grams 1170 mg
KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ Sandwich 540 Calories 41 grams 31 grams 1200 mg
KFC Nashville Hot Sandwich 530 Calories 38 grams 33 grams 1290 mg
KFC Georgia Gold Sandwich 530 Calories 38 grams 31 grams 1250 mg

Crispy Colonel Sandwich: KFC’s Crispy Colonel Sandwich features an Extra Crispy fried chicken filet, pickles, and mayo on a plain toasted bun.

Smoky Mountain BBQ Sandwich: KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken Tenders feature Extra Crispy fried chicken breast strips covered with a sweet and smoky flavor.

Nashville Hot Sandwich: KFC’s Nashville Hot Sandwich features a spicy, extra crispy hand-held format for you to load into your belly.

Georgia Gold Sandwich: KFC’s Georgia Gold features an extra crispy, honey mustard chicken with a dab of mayo and a sprinkling of tangy pickles tucked into a perfectly toasted bun.

Following are KFC Sauces to Increase Taste More:

  • Finger Lickin Good Sauce
  • Honey BBQ Sauce
  • Honey Mustard
  • Creamy Buffalo
  • Sweet N Tangy
  • Buttermilk Ranch

Note: Like many other fast-food chains, KFC does not allow customizing. If you need to avoid high calories, simply skip the item. Always go for a healthy menu with low nutrition and enjoy KFC Sandwich with friends and family with anxiety.

Also, don’t forget to order extras whenever possible to make it more filling.

To make your next KFC visit easier, we made a list of KFC Sandwich verifies that you’ll find in a few lines below.

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