How Does the McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Taste?

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken: McDonald’s has earned a global reputation for many of its fast-food items.

The hot and spicy McChicken happens to be one of the significant items on the list which has become a favorite of the majority of the hot n spicy chicken lovers around the globe.

McDonalds Spicy Chicken

Are you someone with an intense craving for hot and spicy chicken burgers? If yes, then the McDonalds spicy chicken can treat your craving the best.

Stick to this article as here we will be covering all the necessary information related to this amazingly hot and spicy chicken McDonald’s has come up with.

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What is McDonald’s Spicy Chicken?

The McDonalds Spicy Chicken refers to the McDonald’s chicken sandwich. It is not only crispy but also topped with delicious mayonnaise and shredded Iceberg lettuce.

It has a crispy chicken fillet which is perfectly served on top of a toasted bun. In short, the making of the McDonalds spicy chicken includes

  • Sesame Seed Bun
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Spicy McChicken Patty
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Light Mayonnaise

It is finger-licking and has calories that can suffice one individual. The McDonalds spicy McChicken has roughly 400 calories.

The hot and spicy chicken Mcdonald’s was introduced back in the Cajun style McChicken around 1997. Now, it has become a part of the ‘Spicy Delights’ section of Macdonald’s Menu.

How Does the McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Taste?

Anything and everything in McDonald’s is lip-smacking. Being one of the best sandwich items, the hot and spicy McChicken is good as it includes ingredients that can instantly trigger your taste buds.

The boneless tender chicken thighs in the McDonalds spicy chicken is praised for the lean meat and low-fat content.

This is crispy, juicy, and is known for its spicy flavor. A spicy batter is used to enhance the overall taste. In addition, the shredded lettuce is added in between the two soft buns.

The creamy sauce further entices the taste buds. One bite of all these layers would feel heavenly.

What is the price of McDonald’s Spicy McChicken?

The McDonalds spicy chicken can be ordered individually at a price as low as $1.68. It can also be ordered with the $3 bundle meal. In it, the McChicken comes along with a drink and fries.

However, these prices can differ according to the location. The best way to confirm the prices beforehand is by registering yourself into the McDonald’s App which can be easily downloaded from Play Store.

Other Similar Items as McDonald’s McChicken: –

If you fail to find the McChicken at your desired McDonalds’ outlet, you can choose any one of the following as a replacement of it: –

The McSpicy Fried Chicken can be a good choice if you are fond of hot and spicy chicken. It is rich in protein and is quite healthy as it avoids the inclusion of added colors or flavors.

Spicy Chicken Burger can be another perfect choice. It includes 100% pure chicken. Just as the McChicken, the chicken burger too includes spicy sauce and shredded lettuce put inside a soft Burger bun.

McDonald’s has also included a new item as a hot n spicy chicken Macdonald’s lineup, that is, the Chicken McNuggets.

The juicy and tender 100% white meat chicken is used to carve out delicious pieces of chicken nuggets. Dipping sauces add to the overall flavor. The nuggets come in different sizes and prices.

These items are worthy of providing you with a hot and spicy taste. All these items have been well-reviewed and have gained considerable attention among the customers.

Where can I get McDonald’s Spicy Chicken?

The Hot n spicy chicken was missing from selected McDonalds outlets for a considerable time. However, Mcdonald’s has brought it back at selected locations in 2021.

One can use the McDonalds app to visit to check the locations where they can find the McDonalds spicy chicken. One can also order it using the app.

The McDelivery service ensures safe and contactless delivery to its customers.


The McDonalds Spicy Chicken is good to go with items when you are burning with hot and spicy chicken cravings.

It is affordable, yet healthy and tasty. We hope this article could answer all your queries and provide you with the best solutions.

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