Wendy’s Dave’s Single Hamburger Calories & Nutrition Information

Wendy’s Dave’s Single Calories: The Wendy’s Dave’s Single is the best choice for the quick meal and healthy snack. Wendy’s secures the third place with their biggest competitors. The Wendy’s single burger is available within the affordable price. If you’re hungry, about to order Dave’s single through online you can see the coupons which help to get your favorite food with less prices.

Wendys Daves Single Hamburger CaloriesDave’s single became more famous with yummy taste because of the quality in their recipes, which they literally say “Quality is our recipe”. So, while considering Wendy’s single burger you may fascinate about the calories, nutrition facts and ingredients. Let’s examine Wendy’s single burger calories, nutrition facts and find out!

Wendy’s Dave’s Single Calories

Wendy’s Dave’s single hamburger contains 570 calories. The slightly roasted or baked bread which is made of enriched wheat flour adds a good taste to the burger. (Makes the burger tastier.)

The Dave’s single holds 300 calories out of 570 calories from the fat i.e., total fat is  34g, it also contains 8g of sugar, 100mg of cholesterol, 40g of carbohydrates.

The Wendy’s single burger carries the important minerals which are of 460mg of potassium and 1110mg of sodium. The 15 % of vitamin A, 8 % of vitamin C, 20% of calcium and 25% of iron makes you healthy and stay strong.

Wendy’s Dave’s Single Nutrition Facts

The following information will help you to calculate the calories of Dave’s Single burger from Wendy’s.

Saturated Fat13g
Trans Fat1.5g
Polyunsaturated Fat2g
Monounsaturated Fat11g
Vitamin A (%DV)15
Vitamin C (%DV)8
Calcium (%DV)20
Iron (%DV)25

These are the values from the official website of Wendy’s. So, now you can easily calculate the calories of Dave’s single as the way you like it.

Wendy’s Dave’s Single Ingredients

The Wendy’s single burger is most mouth-watering and delightful burger. It also comes under the healthy category because of never frozen beef between the enriched wheat bread.

The Dave’s single burger is also contained tomato, onion, crisp lettuce, American cheese, Crinkle cut pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise.

I hope you like the calories information on Dave’s single. You can easily calculate the calories of your body need with the help of calories calculator.

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