When Does Taco Bell Serve Lunch? Taco Bell Lunch Hours

Taco Bell Lunch Hours: Are you tired of working all morning in your office cabin? Are you in need of immediate nutritional food?

Taco Bell might be the right choice for you. You won’t regret walking into Taco Bell during the Lunch hours. Taco Bell is considered to be one of the healthiest food chains in America.

The food items available in Taco Bell Lunch Hours are immensely nutritious.

Taco Bell Lunch Hours

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When Does Taco Bell Serve Lunch?

The Taco Bell Lunch Hours start between 10 a.m and 11 a.m. Most of the outlets stop serving breakfast at 11 a.m and immediately start with the Lunch menu.

However, a few outlets might be late at serving the Lunch menu and some might start serving food items from the lunch hours beforehand.

All that matters is the location. You are advised to call up your nearby Taco Bell outlet before planning a lunch with your family.

What are the Food Items Available in Taco Bell Lunch Hours?

Taco Bell has explicitly divided its breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. The breakfast menu is completely different.

However, the list of food items in the Lunch and Dinner menu might be the same with slight variations or additions.

Taco Bell Menu has almost 9 categories. Each category is divided into further two divisions – Veg and Non-Veg, which means all the items listed below are available in both varieties, as Veg and Non-veg (chicken).

Also, one gets to choose sides, drinks, and desserts along with the meal. Food items and meal offers from Taco Bell Hours are:-

  1. Tacos:- This is the most famous item of Taco Bell.
  • Soft Taco
  • Crunchy Taco
  • Cheesy Double Decker Taco
  • Naked Chicken Taco
  1. Burritos:- Another healthy and delicious item from Taco Bell, offered in varied forms.
  • The Burrito
  • Tikka Masala Burrito
  • 7 layer Burrito
  1. Specialties:- The specialties include-
  • Chalupa
  • Vestar Wrap
  • Chickstar Wrap
  • Kickin Paneer / Chicken Gordita
  1. Quesadilla:- This includes-
  • Fajita Veggie Quesadilla
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Chicken Quesadilla
  1. Meals:- There are several meal deals in Taco Bell. A few among them are worth mentioning:-
  • Taco Meal for Two, containing 2 tacos (veg/chicken), filling and sauce 1 side choice and unlimited filling of any soft drink/beverage
  • 7Layer Burrito Meal contains one 7 layer Burrito with choice of one soft drink or beverage
  • Big Bell Box, comprises 1 veg/non-veg Habanero Burrito, 1 crunchy Pinto Bean Taco with hot sauce, 1 Mexican fries, 1 Cinnamon twist, and unlimited filling of soft drink/beverage.

You can choose and customize your selection accordingly.

  1. Sides:- Taco Bell provides a rich variety of sides such as –
  • Mexican fries
  • Nachos and Salsa
  • Loaded Nachos
  • Crispy Chicken Strips
  • Crispy Chicken Nachos
  1. Shareables:- If you wish to share your Taco Bell Lunch with your loved one, you can, by selecting any one of these as your meal-
  • Assorted Platter (Veg/Non-veg)
  • Weekend Taco Party Pack
  1. Beverages:- This includes –
  • Drinks such as Pepsi, Mirinda, and others.
  • Shakes such as chocolate shake, caramel shake, and others.
  • Juice such as Cranberry, lemon, multi-fruit, and several others.
  1. Desserts:- Dessert after a huge nutritious meal is important. Don’t you think? You get to choose from-
  • Cinnamon twist
  • Chocodilla
  • Choco Caramel Tostadas

Is it healthy to eat at Taco Bell?

Taco bell’s healthy menu: It is a bit unacceptable to believe a fast food restaurant offering tacos and Doritos would meet the nutritional requirements of a person.

But Taco Bell has managed to reconstruct its menu in the best way possible and has been given the title of being the healthiest food chain in America.

Taco Bell has been providing the traditional menu for a long time. Over the last few years, it has come up with various other menus focussing on a person’s dietary needs.

Taco Bell now provides a low-calorie Fresco Menu along with other menus such as high protein Cantina Menu and other vegetarian menus. All these menus have gained certification under the American Vegetarian Association.

Taco Bell has an App where you can order food fit for your dietary requirements. The app provides endless customization while selecting food items.

When does Taco Bell Stop Serving Lunch?

Taco Bell starts serving Dinner between 5 p.m to 8 p.m. Therefore, you might consider the lunch hours to stop near about 5 p.m. This time may vary according to the location of the Taco Bell outlet.