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Outback Lunch Hours provide the best steaks, salads and sandwiches. Outback is also known as the Steakhouse and you will be amazed to taste its signature steaks. Outback outlets are spread across various locations all over the world and have been loved for its unique recipes. In this article, we shall be covering the Outback Lunch Hours Menu in details so that you know what to expect here.

Outback Lunch Hours

Some frequently asked questions about Outback Lunch Hours: –

  • When does Outback serve lunch?
  • Does Outback serve lunch all day?
  • What time does Outback lunch end?
  • What time does Outback close?

Here, we would be answering to all these questions as we proceed.

Outback Lunch Hours – Details

Here’s your answer to the first query that pops up on your mind, i.e., What time does Outback serve lunch?

Days Starting Time
Monday – Sunday 11:00 am
For more information/online order https://www.outback.com/

The Outback Lunch Hours start as soon as the chain opens at 11:00 am. It is continued for five hours approximately. Many locations might have a separate time of operation to accommodate the Breakfast Hours.

Happy Hours:

Does Outback Serve Lunch All Day?

No, Outback Lunch Hours are not continued after a stipulated time. There are offers available and dinner menu served 4:00 pm onwards.

Outback Lunch Hours Menu

The Outback Lunch Menu provides you with many lunch combos that are out of the box and some specializing in steaks. We’ve listed out the combos as well as the individual items available in the Outback Lunch Hours. Take a look: –

Items Description
1. Soup & Salad Combo To begin with, Outback provides a separate nutrient-rich combo before proceeding onto the other heavy meals.

  • The soup and salad combo comprises of a soup. You can choose between baked potato soup, French Onion Soup or Soup of the Day.
  • For salad, Outback offers a choice of House Side Salad, Caesar Side Salad or Blue Cheese Chopped Side Salad.
  • A choice of Aussie Fries or Mixed Veggies is also given.
  • You can upgrade to a Premium Soup or side salad which will have some additional charges.
2. Create your own Lunch Combo The prices differ according to the number of dishes you add to the combo.

  • Soup/ salad + Aussie Fish Tacos/ Gold Coast Coconut shrimp/Alice Springs Chicken quesadilla.
  • Soup / Salad + Steak Tacos/Outback Burger/ Steakhouse Quesadilla
3. The Outback Burger Available only during Lunch Hours is this unique burger topped with lettuce, pickles, onion and mustard. You can accompany your burger with a soup or a salad.
4. Signature Steaks The steaks form the most important part of the menu. You can get the steaks in categories of 6oz, 9oz, 12 oz, 20 oz and so on. The prices vary accordingly.

  • Victoria’s Filet Mignon
  • Outback Sirloin
  • Porterhouse
  • New York strip
  • Ribeye
  • Teriyaki Fillet Medallions
  • Slow Roasted Prime Rib
  • Outback Flat Iron
5. Prime Rib Sandwich This is a sandwich with a prime rib that is tender and slow roasted. Served with onions, mushrooms, signature bloom sauce and Provolone cheese on a toasted baguette.
6. Lunch Size Meals Have a look at the following if you love chicken and shrimp: –

  • Grilled Chicken on the Barbie
  • 6 Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie
  • 6 Coconut Shrimp
  • Bloomin’ Fried Chicken
  • Alice Springs Chicken

A choice of Aussie Fries or Mixed Vegetables is given with these and can be upgraded to a Premium Soup or Side Salad.

7. Desserts The are a few irresistible desserts that you need to try if you visit Outback.

  • Pecan Brownie
  • Carrot Cake
  • Classic Cheesecake
  • Sweet adventure Sampler Trio
  • Chocolate Thunder
8. Drinks/ Shakes You can avail various flavored milk shakes such as Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and Oreo.

Outback has also added a Kid’s Menu. The Lunch Time Offers such as Dip Trio, Fillet & Shrimp on the Barbie, Bourbon Glazed Bone in NY Strip can also be ordered. These offers vary across locations time to time. On visiting the official website and entering the preferred location, you will be displayed with the lunch time offers specific to that outlet.

When does Outback Stop Serving Lunch?

The lunch items listed above are served till 4:00 pm. The lunch hours at some outlets might end at 2pm also.

For more information, one can take help of the website link mentioned before. You can not only locate the desired outlet but can also know the detailed timings about its closing, view the available menu and place online order.

What Time does Outback Close?

Outback closes at 10:00 pm from Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes at 11:00 pm.


The Outback Lunch Hours has been reviewed well and its demand is constantly rising. We highly recommend that you consider visiting your nearby Outback outlet and grab a delicious lunch. We hope that the queries regarding Outback Lunch Hours have been answered.

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