What Time Does Burger King Start Serving Lunch? BK Lunch Menu

Burger King Lunch Time: Foodies across the US come will swear in the name of Burger King. Offering affordable lunch options for everyone is what would ideally make it one of the excellent choices.

But there’s one question we’re wondering: What time does Burger King start serving lunch? and what time does the chain stop serving the lunch menu?

Burger King Lunch Hours

Burger King serves varieties of food menu options, and that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure you are checking out the Burger King Lunch hours to make sure that you are not missing out on the delicacies served.

What Time Does Burger King Start Serving Lunch?

Burger King starts serving Lunch hours from 10:30 am.

There is no specific separate time slot dedicated to Lunch in Burger King. Usually, there is a separate time and menu served for breakfast.

And the rest for lunch or dinner. The food items for Lunch are introduced at a specific time of the day which is roughly between 10:00 a.m and 10:30 a.m.

The time may vary, depending on the location. But if you are in or around the U.S., you can expect all the Burger King outlets to follow the same time slots and time of operation.

Since Burger King’s franchises are spread all across the world, you are more likely to find slight differences between the time slots and the food items.

While in western countries, you are likely to see Burger King operating right from 6:00 a.m. In some other countries, the time of operation is from 11:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

Accordingly, the breakfast and lunch hours also differ.

It is always recommended to call your nearby Burger King or get information from the internet by visiting their website.

Happy Hours:

What are the Items Served in Burger King Lunch Menu?

Burgers are the main attraction of Burger King. The burgers are made available right from the starting of the Lunch hours, that is, from 10:30 a.m.

However, many franchisees have been providing the burgers even before this specific time as a breakfast item.

Burger King has categorized the food items into more than 7 broad categories, each containing delicious items you can choose from.

Starting from burgers to whoppers and beverages. All these items are made available from 10:30 a.m and are available throughout the day for Lunch and you can also have them as dinner.

Here is the list of menu items that are available almost at every Burger King outlet.

  1. Vegetarian:- As the name suggests, this category is full of vegan burgers. These are:
  • Crispy Veg Supreme
  • Veg Surprise
  • Veg Whopper
  • BK Veggie
  • Veg Chilli Cheese
  • Paneer King
  • Veggie Strips (side)
  1. Egg:- Burger King has to offer only one kind of burger in this category which is King Egg Burger.
  2. Chicken:- This category is superb as all the burgers have to offer soft and crispy chicken pieces-
  • Chicken Whopper
  • Chicken Tandoor Grill
  • Chicken Chilli Cheese
  • BK Grill Chicken
  • Crispy Chicken
  1. Whopper:- Apart from burgers, whoppers are considered as a signature item of Burger King. It has a separate list of sandwich-based Whoppers to offer. These are:-
  • Whopper with Cheese
  • Double Whopper cheese
  • Bacon and cheese Whopper
  • Triple Whopper with cheese
  • Chicken Whopper
  • Mutton Whopper
  1. King Savers–This category compiles items from the other categories to help you spend less without compromising your hunger.
  • Crispy Veg Supreme
  • Chicken Fries
  • Crispy Veg
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Veggie Strips
  • BK Strawberry Sundae
  • BK Chocolate Sundae
  • Choco Dip Softie
  1. Coolers:- Burger King has a rich variety of refreshment drinks to offer including-
  • Orange floats
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Classic Frappe
  • Black Currant Smoothie
  1. Desserts:- Burger King offers various delicious desserts-
  • Black current Sundae
  • Cookie Crunch Sundae
  • Mango Sundae
  • Vanilla Softie
  1. Hot Beverages:- This includes Cappuccino, Americano, and Latte.

What is a 5 for $4 Meal Deal?

This is a unique offer by Burger King which can be ordered for a perfect lunch. This deal consists of one sandwich, 16-oz drink, fries, 4 piece chicken nuggets, and a chocolate chip cookie.

At a few locations, you can choose your sandwich from an option of four sandwiches.

Other Meal Deals at Burger King

There are a few other meal deals that may help you save money. However, the deals keep on changing and are also varied over locations. Some of the popular meal deals offered by Burger King are:-

Some popular Meal Deals at other locations of the world are:-

  • $5 Whopper Meal consisting of 1 Whopper sandwich, 1 small French Fries, and 1 small drink.
  • $ 8.99 Whopper Meal for 2, consisting of 2 flame-grilled Whoppers, 2 small French fries, and 2 small drinks.
  • $12.99 Family Bundle, containing, 3 Whoppers,  3 Cheeseburgers, and 3 French Fries.
  • $3 Double Cheeseburger Meal consisting of 1 double Cheeseburger, 1 French Fries, and 1 small drink.

Apart from the Meal Deals, there are several coupons you get. You can use the coupon codes to get special discounts.

Does Burger King serve All-day Breakfast?

Unlike its competitor, McDonald’s, Burger King has yet not been able to serve breakfast items throughout the day.

However, in a few locations, Burger King may avail the All-day Breakfast, as well. This would mean that you can also enjoy the breakfast items in your lunchtime.

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