What’s on the Breakfast Baconator? Ingredients List | Prices | Review

Breakfast Baconator: Wendy’s Breakfast launched a line of sandwiches named Baconator with multiple layers of meat, cheese, and sweet soft buns.

These Baconator sandwiches are undoubtedly an extra feather to Wendy’s Breakfast Menu. Wendy’s Breakfast is one of the favorites and a must-visit place for fast-food lovers.

And we are quite sure that the Baconator sandwiches are also going to be their most-favorite hamburger.

In this article, we will give you a detailed account of this special hamburger named Baconator offered by Wendy’s Breakfast.

You will get to know all about the ingredients, texture and of course, the price. We will also give some personal reviews about sandwiches. So, let’s proceed.

What is Breakfast Baconator Sandwich?

Baconator is a special kind of burger-like sandwich made with sausage, cheese, etc. sold by Wendy’s. You must have heard about Wendy’s.

It is a very famous international street food and fast food restaurant. They did launch this Baconator sandwich line in April of 2007. The menu of Wendy’s was already very mouth-watering and with the new sandwiches, it is even more delicious.

You should try the Baconator sandwiches because they are the best-reviewed ones on Wendy’s menu. Many customers are having these sandwiches and giving a very positive review.

Wendys Breakfast Baconator

Baconator sandwiches have the perfect balance of flavors with bacon strips, fluffy buns, whole-beef patties, ketchup, mayonnaise, American cheese.

Each of the ingredients has its portion of magic in the burger. You will be able to celebrate the taste of every single ingredient in a bite individually. A combination of all the delicious flavors and a juicy cheesy experience is all about the Baconator burgers.

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What are in the Breakfast Baconator: 

The main ingredients of Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator are

  • Fried bacon strips
  • Whole-grain bun
  • 2 beef patties
  • American cheese
  • Sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fried egg

The buns of the breakfast Baconator are made with enriched flour. It contains wheat, egg, soy, milk just like any other conventional burger bun.

The texture is soft and fluffy but also a little crumby. While you will take a bite all the meats and cheese will go perfect with the bun.

The beef sausage patty is cooked on the grill. It is well-seasoned with pepper and other spices. It will give you a salty and crispy taste. The beef is thick enough to contribute well-proportioned meat. Its texture is very juicy.

The strips of the applewood smoked bacon are nice and crispy. The beef and the bacon complement each other.

This burger is a perfect treat to the carnivores, packed with meat. A good amount of Bacon strips will amuse you.

A few strips are laid at the bottom and a few on the top layer to cover the sandwich equally. They are perfectly salted, seasoned. A pinch of sugar is added to balance the taste and make them crispier.

The egg is freshly cracked and fried on a pan till slightly brown shade on one side. The yolk of the egg is on point.

Not so runny but at the same time not hard and gives and adds a creamy texture to the sandwich. Two slices of American cheese enhance the taste of the burger and makes it very cheesy.

The whole packed meat is perfectly balanced with the cheese. In addition to this, a special swiss cheese sauce is spread over the patties which give you the swiss flavor to its fullest.

Also, tomato ketchup is used just like in the other burgers. Mayonnaise is squeezed on the top layer to make it creamier.

Price of Baconator:

The price of Wendy’s Baconator burger is $4.79. But the cost differs if you order the Son of Baconator or some extra bacon or patty.

Classification of Baconator:

Usually, Baconator sandwiches consist of 2 beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, 6 strips of bacon. But in 2009 Wendy’s Breakfast brought forth 3 types of Baconator depending on the quantity of the bacon and patties.

Single Baconator 1 beef patty, 3 bacon strips
Double Baconator 2 beef patties, 6 bacon strips
Triple Baconator 3 patties, 9 bacon strips

Also, you can get some special limited period flavored Baconators

  • Spicy Baconator – with Jalapeno peppers, cheese, chipotle ranch sauce
  • Cheddar Baconator– with cheddar cheese and steakhouse sauce

In 2012 Wendy’s Breakfast introduced a smaller version of the Baconator burger named the Son of Baconator.

In the basic Baconator burger, you won’t get any tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle, or mustard. However, you can order your own separately. You can order extra patty and bacon too.

Baconator Review:

The overall customer review is up to the mark since the launch of the Breakfast Baconator sandwich. People are loving the combination of a beef sausage patty and crispy crunchy bacon.

It is packed with protein and accompanied by the creaminess of American cheese, swiss sauce, and mayonnaise.

Everything is piled onto a super-soft toasted and buttery burger bun. The Baconator is an ideal item for breakfast.

We hope that at the end of this article you have made up your mind to order the Baconator breakfast sandwich whenever you visit Wendy’s.

It is definitely worth giving a try. If you have not yet experienced the taste of Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator, rush to Wendy’s.

You can also order online. However, if you like the taste of the Breakfast Baconator, you may try the other lines of burgers and croissants by Wendy’s as well.

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